In the news today.

Indiana parents arrested for cell phone video showing their baby playing with a .40-caliber handgun “Evansville cops found the disturbing footage after arresting Barnes for allegedly trying to sell a handgun to an undercover officer.” More …
Adelaide hills bush fire 2015 Video … 
SA millionaire held in Mauritian murder case ‘was ‘controlling – “On the day after Christmas, 35-year-old Palmarozza reluctantly boarded a flight to Mauritius. She was torn, said her friends. She did not want to leave behind her seven-year-old daughter, Dante.Three days later, Palmarozza was dead, her body found floating in a swimming pool at the resort – and Roberts was in police custody.” More …
Rod Taylor dies at 84: “Taylor who would have been 85 tomorrow, died at his home in Los Angeles after suffering a fall two weeks ago, his daughter Felicia said.” More …






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