Criminals in the news.

Criminal defense attorney sentenced for drug conspiracy. “Curious Goods sold an item known as “Mr. Miyagi,” which was mislabeled as potpurri but was infused with synthetic cannabinoids, according to a release from the United States Attorney’s office. “Mr. Miyagi” was apparently sold with the sole intent of producing a “high.” More …

Soweto looting frenzy – PICS .”Scenes of widespread looting played out all day across Soweto’s many suburbs on Thursday as police struggled to cope with the lawlessness.” More …

looters 1 looters 2




Bungling burglars foiled by ‘smoke cloak’ security device after attempted break-in at H&H in Astley Bridge. “But once they had got inside the building they triggered a security alarm and also set off a smoke cloak device. When triggered, the device releases plumes of smoke into a building, covering any intruders and obscuring their vision.” More …





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