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Luxury phone maker Mobiado has teamed up with the luxury automaker Aston Martin to create the most luxurious phone ever. Their first prototype features a stunning transparent window-like display. According to the concept renders, the device will be Android based and “as beautiful as an Aston Martin car is expected to be”. 

aston martin cell phone
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You know that moment when they have nominated Hollywood celebrities and the camera focuses on each nominee and someone announce “AND the winner is …” and then they focus on someone who is not the winner to see his/her reaction …. Watch.



The 6 Most Humiliating Public Failures by Celebrity Psychics (2 PAGES) 



Woman left paralysed after dozy doc injects SNAKE venom instead of Botox! Following the error the 38-year-old was left paralysed for almost a year.

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Kate Middleton Reportedly Furious Over Terrible ‘Women’s Day’ Photoshopped Cover 

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Val Kilmer Denies Throat Tumor Surgery Reports – Read His Statement

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